, SURABAYA – Bambang Eko Setiawan is truly depraved. The online taxi driver seized Risa’s passenger cellphone.

Not only that. Eko also raped the 19-year-old girl after threatening to beat her last Friday (3/15).

Risa who wants to go back to her apartment in the Kalisari area orders an online taxi. However, the type of vehicle and police number of the car that picks up is not according to the order.

Risa gets a driver with the Suzuki Ertiga car. However, what came was the white Avanza car with license number L 1526 AH. The woman from Malang was not suspicious. He assumed that there was a technical error in the online taxi application.

Finally, he entered the car that Bambang had driven and hoped to arrive at the apartment soon.

However, Bambang did not immediately take Risa home. He was actually spinning unclear. In the car, the 30-year-old man asked Risa to hand over his cellphone.

“The victim was threatened with being beaten if he did not hand over two of his smartphones,” said Jitras Satreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya Chief Iptu Giadi Nugraha.

After getting two victims’ cellphones, the suspect took the victim to the MERR Rungkut area. In front of a shophouse, the victim was asked to serve the suspect’s depraved appetite.

” The victim refused and had a chance to rebel. The suspect continued to force and finally raped the victim, “Giadi said.

According to Giadi, victims cannot do much and can only cry. Worse, the victim was not escorted home.

The suspect took the victim to the Perak area and was left alone. “Finally there are people who help and bring victims to the Mapolrestabes Surabaya,” he explained.

After receiving a report, members of the Jatanras Unit Satreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya conducted an investigation.

Giadi said the action of the suspect was captured by a CCTV camera (close circuit television) while raping the victim in front of the shophouse of the MERR area.

The CCTV identification results successfully revealed Bambang’s identity domiciling in Graha Regency Housing, Sidoarjo.

“We will arrest him in his house without resistance,” Giadi explained.

Bambang told the police that he had committed his actions. He argued that it was wrong. One of the victim’s cellphones has been sold. The money is used for clubbing with friends.

“We are still investigating 480 of them (cages, Red),” said Giadi.

The 2012 Police Academy alumni said the suspects were charged with a layered article. Namely, article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning theft by violence and article 285 of the Criminal Code concerning rape.

” The suspect forced the victim with the threat of violence to have intercourse with someone who is not his wife. “The criminal element is fulfilled there,” he said.