TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – The statement of the General of the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) Grace Natalie, which does not support the sharia regulations or religious regulations, turned out to not only trigger reporting to the police.

Some people who were unhappy with this statement, instead spread hoaxes in the form of Grace photos.

One of them is Topan Pratama, an online taxi driver who uploaded the Grace Photos on November 14, 2018.

The hoax upload of the Topan was also added with an explanation sentence; “No wonder rejecting the Sharia Perda, it turns out that the hot magazine model is anyway. It is not good for the survival of the needs of Indonesian people in the future.

Launching, PSI reported seven perpetrators of the spread of hoaks and Topan was one of them.

Regarding the case, PSI reported the seventh reported with allegations of hate speech against SARA and defamation with Articles 27 and 28 of Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE). In addition, Article 4 Jo Article 29 of Law Number 44 of 2008 concerning Pornography to perpetrators.

Finally Topan, apologized to Grace for his actions.

Topan met with Grace directly to convey his apology, at the PSI DPP Office, Central Jakarta, Monday (11/19/2018).

“I apologize that I have posted posts on social media with content in the form of photos of PSI Ketur photos on November 14, 2018,” he said.

Topan, who works as an online taxi driver everyday, claimed to only continue the upload.

At first, he did not realize that the upload was hoax.

Topan pleaded guilty to spreading hoaxes and defaming Grace.

In the future, Topan also promised to be more careful in spreading an upload on social media.

“I feel guilty because it turns out that what I shared was edited. So for example reading news from the media, especially on social media, must be more careful where it came from, edits or not, so as not to spread false news,” said Topan.

Grace who sat next to her gave an appreciation to the Topan who had been heartened to apologize.

Grace also advised that the action was not repeated by Topan, or anyone else.

“I appreciate Bro going here and gentlemanly, in a manly manner, admitting that Bro wrote and it turned out that it was not true and bro would like to apologize, hopefully in the future, don’t just post again bro,” she said.

Even though I have apologized, the legal process against Topan is likely to continue.

The Legal Counsel of PSI Muannas Al-Aidid said, the termination of the case because of an apology was only for reports based on complaints.

“The legal process against those who apologize is clear, the legal process does not necessarily revoke. Unless it is indeed a complaint,” Muannas explained.

Muannas explained, from those articles, only article 27 of the ITE Law was based on complaints. For this reason, reporting on Typhoons will certainly be revoked by them.

“For the complaint, the complaint is definitely revoked because Grace as a direct victim in the process can forgive, it can be finished,” he explained.

While for other articles which are common offenses, Muannas said that the legal process for Topan would continue.

Muannas emphasized that the legal process aims to provide a deterrent effect to the perpetrators, not as a form of revenge.

“If the ordinary offense even if the victim (not) reports can still be processed. That is the legal consequence,” he explained.

“I think that we report that it is not in the context of revenge, but it does provide education that we have a strong commitment to fight hoaxes and hate speeches,” he continued.

Later, he claimed he would coordinate with investigators so that the apology could alleviate the ongoing legal process.

“We will help to communicate this apology to communicate with the investigators so that they can be revoked, even though it is not our authority,” he said.