He compared the attitude of building coolies to office people and rich people
who often uses the services of his online taxi.

Suara.com – Modes of online transportation such as motorcycle taxis and online taxis (taxis) are now increasingly in demand by the public. In fact, the lower middle class can feel the benefits of online transportation.

With all the comfort and cheap fares, it’s no wonder that every day tens of thousands of people use online transportation services in Indonesia.

The number of interactions between drivers and passengers is often an interesting and inspiring story, as told by an online taxi driver.

An online taxi driver in Jakarta shared his experience of carrying a construction worker who had only been in the capital for four days.

“I want to tell a little about the experience of carrying passengers this morning around 10 am getting an order from Dukuh Atas to Batik Kuring SCBD with a metered cash of Rp. 8000. position at the bus stop right in front of the Landmark, “he wrote opening the story.

Cerita sopir taksi online tentang buruh bangunan.

From there, the admiration felt by the driver named Teguh Dimas K. began. If there are usually a lot of passengers who force the driver to return if it gets too far, but it’s different with this passenger.

“It didn’t take long to chat right away and he immediately said, ‘Just wait there, it’s okay, we’ve already walked to your location,’ I replied” OK, ready, “he continued.

Yes, the passengers were willing to come to the vehicle they ordered, instead of asking the driver to turn back to their position.

After they met, they go straight to the agreed destination. There was a short chat between them, not because of frugal talk. Their chat was limited by the distance between Dukuh Atas and SCBD.

From the brief chat, the taksol driver learned that the unnamed man had only been living and working in Jakarta for four days.

“It was at its destination and he immediately paid 20 thousand in cash, then I said, ‘Mas, the tariff is only 8 thousand, what you give is excess,” Teguh continued in his upload. However, the passenger even said, “it’s okay mas, just take it”.

Cerita sopir taksi online tentang buruh bangunan.

On that basis, the driver was touched and his heart was knocked because the construction coolies were actually more concerned about what had helped them.

According to him, this is different from some office people and rich people who have used his online taxi service.

“Every day I have brought office passengers / rich people who dress neatly and smell good. 80% of them are ignorant and there tends to be an element of underestimating the professions below them,” Teguh said.

He hopes, in the future more people will care about all of the professions, because actually we live in a world that needs each other.