, Jakarta Usually after lunch until the late hours back home to be a boring time for Arief. Because among the hours range the online taxi drivers tend to be quiet. Even often can not passengers at all.

Beyond expectations, it seems to be a lucky day for Arief, a tall and tall man. At that time he got the orderan from the luxury housing area Pondok Indah. He thought he would take a woman to a shopping mall in the elite area.

After the woman sat nicely behind the driver, Wulan’s goal, not her real name, turned out not to be the mall. It’s a stand-alone luxury cafe. Seeing Wulan silent alone, Arief tried to open the conversation and melt the atmosphere.

Arief continues to invite Wulan to talk although not much chatter that responded. But Arief is ignorant, he just wants passengers smile by all means.

Upon arrival at the destination, Wulan tells Arief to wait and asks not to end the trip order. Nearly 15 minutes he waited until finally Wulan came out and approached him.

“Mas, yuk, go down, Accompany me to eat,” Wulan pleaded from the side of the driver’s glass.

“Ah, no, ma’am, I’ll just wait outside,” Arief replied with a smile trying to cover his surprise.

“I wait inside yes, Mas, do not end the trip,” said Wulan.

Arief just digested and looked at Wulan’s back with a puzzled look. What should he do?

“Thank you for accompany me to eat,” said Wulan, who was facing Arief at the restaurant table.

“Sorry ya Bu if I’m sassy,” Arief snapped quickly because the sentence is immediately terbesit in his mind.

“Mas is not presumptuous because of all this with my permission and my will, I am the one who will thank me,” continued Wulan.

Hearing Wulan’s statement, Arief slowly began to re-melt the atmosphere. This time not in the car, but in a restaurant. Indeed Arief is also a person who doyang chatting and he did not waste the skill.

Sure enough, Arief often dominate the conversation. Starting from a brief story telling, profession, and jokes that he got from his messaging apps group.

“I just need a friend to chat like this.Since the car was, Mas is fun,” said Wulan light.

“Thank you,” Arief briefly began a little ge er.

Arief was glancing at his watch and how surprised to have spent two hours chit-chat with Wulan. Like understanding Arief’s body language, Wulan also finished by calling waitresses.

“Please take me back to the house again, yes I’m glad to be out and chat with Mas,” Wulan pleaded with a slightly stiff tone.

Somehow the taxi driver online Arief so remembered his wife at home. Is his wife also lonely like Wulan?

There was no thought to Wulan. This incident made him want to quickly go home and meet the mother of two children.