– The dispute between online taxis and conventional taxis is heating up again.

This time the online taxi drivers from the Patriot Cooperative under the names Darman and Bobby, their car was blocked by conventional taxi drivers, Wednesday (1/15) around 14:20 West Indonesia Time.

Darman and Bobi were beaten and had to be hospitalized at Graha Hermine Hospital.

The beatings, according to Hendra as the owner of the Patriot Cooperative, began when Darman got an order with passengers who were at Mega Mall.

He then drove to pick up passengers in the parking lot at the west door. After that Darman wants to get out of the Mega Mall area at the west side exit.

“When he got out, suddenly a white Toyota Avanza BP 1218 GI driven by Darman was blocked by a conventional taxi. He was shocked and immediately put the brakes on his car, “Hendra said.

Darman was forced out of the car by a group of people. All of the car doors were opened by them, passengers were told to get out.

Darman tried to ask what was wrong with him.

“However, a group of people who confronted Darman were emotional and cursed at Darman,” he said.

Knowing that his colleague was surrounded and about to be attacked, one of the management of the cooperative, Bobby, who just happened to be at Mega Mall, tried to approach and intervene.

“Bobby asked what the problem was. Instead of being explained, Bobby was immediately beaten. Likewise, Darman was also beaten, although it was not as bad as Bobby’s condition, “he explained.

After getting punches and insistent kicks from about three to four people, several security and residents immediately intervened.

While the beaters chose to leave the two victims. Getting punches and kicks from several people, Bobby and Darman immediately reported to Batam City Police Headquarters.

By Batam City Police, both were directed to report directly to the Barelang Mapolresta for the beatings and deterrence.

In Mapolresta, the beating report was received by Number LP-B / 47 / I / 2020 / SPKT-Resta Barelang for alleged criminal acts of article 170 KUH-Criminal regarding beatings.

Darman suffered only minor injuries. Whereas Bobby’s condition is severe. He was required to be treated at Graha Hermine Hospital, Batuaji.

The lips and nose and head of Bobby had to be sewn. Bobby also vomited from a punch and kick in the head and stomach.

Hendra asserted, his driver dared to pick up passengers inside the Mega Mall area at the west entrance because previously the area had given an online taxi permit to take passengers on the west side of the door.

“That is our basis why our members dare to take passengers in there (Mega Mall),” he explained.

“We and other online taxis who have pocketed ASK (Special Rental Transportation from the Transportation Agency) are allowed to take passengers on the west side of the door,” he explained.

For this reason, Hendra asserted that his party would still pick up passenger orders at Mega Mall, because it felt that nothing had been violated.

“The point is we will remain and there is not the slightest sense of fear. Because we have a basis and we are officially licensed. Especially by the owner of the area we have been allowed to pick up passengers there, “he said