FAJAR.CO.ID, MAKASSAR – Online transportation drivers ask the government and application providers to set increases on tariffs. Demand for the increase mainly from online drivers of car types.

The Online Partner Coordinator, Muh Istiqlal, voiced the demands at the Hearing Meeting (RDP) in the DPRD of South Sulawesi with the South Sulawesi Transportation Agency, and the Traffic Directorate, Thursday, January 23.
“We ask the tariff to be raised for our welfare. Rates are very low now. It must be raised to cover our operations. We also want tariffs to be equalized for all online transportation, “Istiqlal said.

Head of the South Sulawesi Transportation Agency Syamsibar promised to fight for the aspirations of online drivers. “I cannot say the number. But I say it will be finished in one month. If possible, it’s better. I just became a caddis. I have learned the tariff, “he said.

He claimed to have communicated with the Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation.

Chairman of South Sulawesi DPRD Commission D John Rende Mangontan, the demands of online transportation drivers cannot be immediately approved. “Our country is a state of law, sir. We must obey. Give confidence to us and the provincial government to solve it, “he said.

According to him, the agreement was in the process. The Provincial Secretary has signed it and will be sent to the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub).

South Sulawesi Regional Police Directorate General, Police Commissioner Frans Sentue hopes that the RDP will find a solution. He also reminded that the agreement must be based on law because there are three interests, namely the driver about welfare, consumers talk about ability and partners who prepare the facility.

“There are application providers, drivers and consumers. This is only an agreement that must have a legal basis. This must be controlled, there cannot be an agreement that there must be a legal basis. Give DPRD an opportunity to facilitate legality and regulations, “said Frans.