TRIBUNPALU.COM, PALU – Dozens of online taxi drivers visit the Grab Office on Jalan Sam Ratulangi, West Besusu Village, East Palu District, Monday (03/25/2019).

The action of dozens of illegal taxi drivers was received by the Grab representative of the City of Palu on the office yard, escorted by the police.

The driver’s action is carried out to ask for transparency or tariffs that are considered covered up by the management of the Palu Branch Grab.

The action coordinator, Adiyanto, said that online taxi drivers who are members of the Grab Car Alliance in Palu City felt the injustice carried out by the Grab application manager in the City of Palu.

According to him, the Grab applicator in Palu City arbitrarily made a decision without considering the fate of Grab partners.

The injustices felt by Grab’s partners, which are always changing rates, without any explanation from the application manager.

“The tariffs applied according to us are unclear. Yes, the order points of adjacent houses with the same purpose, but the tariff is different up to Rp. 7,000,” he said.

Not to mention suspending applications and fines that are often imposed on partners, without any explanation.

By that, he asked the manager of the Palu City Grab application to be more transparent regarding the tariffs applied.

Responding to that, the Grab Representative of Palu City, Mail revealed, that it would re-establish the lower and upper limit traits on Monday (1/4/2019) next week.

“As for giving rates, I can’t do that. Because it must be authorized by the head office,” explained Mail.