DEPOK, WARTA KOTA – Community of taxi drivers online, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, along with a number of youths opened a winning post for vice-presidential candidate number 01 Joko Widodo-KH Ma’ruf Amin in the GDC area, Sukmajaya, Depok City, Wednesday (6 / 3/2019).

The opening of the winning post was a form of support to Jokowi who had been considered concerned with the development of the digital start-up business, especially in the field of application-based transportation.

Although it had rubbed against conventional transportation companies, online taxi businesses proved successful in reducing unemployment.

In addition, they have benefited from Jokowi’s populist program.

Among other things, get a Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS) and Indonesia Smart Card (KIP).

Secretary General of the People’s Volunteer Post (Pos Raya) Indonesia, Dodi Irawan said, the opening of the command post was due to the great desire of online taxi drivers and youth organizations to volunteer in winning 01 presidential and vice-presidential camps.

“Because of the many requests from various communities, we established a winning post for Jokowi-Amin. They want to be volunteers because Jokowi is considered caring and understanding with the business world (application-based). So that their political aspirations are not misused, then we facilitate,” said Dodi.

According to Dodi, the Depok online and youth transportation community has the potential to become a voice barn to win the Jokowi-Amin pair.

Because the world of digital start-up is considered to be growing rapidly under the administration of the incumbent presidential candidate.

“Jokowi is a millennial president and understands the modernization of the business world. It has been proven by attention to young business people who are able to absorb a lot of labor from small people,” he said.

PDI Perjuangan politician, Irvansyah, appreciates the joining of the online taxi driver community and Depok youth organization into the Pos Raya.

He considered that support was common because Jokowi was proven to pay attention to the fate of the drivers, including by formulating application-based transportation regulations.

“Permenhub Number 118 of 2018 concerning the implementation of special rental transportation is presented, and this will also be strengthened by law. Surely salute them for joining the Winning Command Post as a volunteer. That means they feel Mr. Jokowi’s performance,” said the DPR legislative candidate in Depok- That Bekasi.

The Chairperson of Depok Wacana Community Online (WCO), Budi Santoso, admitted that they joined the Pos Raya because they had felt Jokowi’s attention to the drivers, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled.

One of them, Jokowi is considered to pay attention to their welfare by giving KIS and KIP to all drivers.

“So far we have not been paid attention to by the regional government. This (KIS and KIP) helps ease our economy. How much is the driver income online, and moreover use other people’s vehicles. So we fully support Jokowi as President again,” he said.