RMOLBanten. The Ministry of Transportation has issued Ministerial Regulation (PM) 118, concerning the Implementation of Special Rental Transportation.

Where one of them concerning there will be restrictions on online taxi quota. This quota will be determined by the Minister or the Governor after a study has been conducted with stakeholders.

That made dozens of online taxi drivers in the Tangsel Bintari Bersatu (Bibers) region protest the 118 Ministerial Regulation policy.

In essence, we reject the PM, this burdens us online taxi drivers, “said the South Tangerang Online Taxi Driver Coordinator, Rizal Lazuardy, Wednesday (10/7).

Based on that, dozens of online taxi drivers gathered in Mandar Square, Pondok Aren to voice their objections to 118 Ministerial Regulations in Jakarta.

Rizal actually hopes that the government in this case the Ministry of Transportation can issue policies that are pro-people.

“Because now the online taxi business is running independently, is able to fulfill the family economy and new jobs for the community. The presence, PM 118 is clearly burdensome, we are standing alone, if we follow the rules it is very hard. The government is also expected to make policies that favor us, “He explained.