| SURABAYA – Online taxi drivers in East Java firmly reject the discourse of applying the Even Odd System (SGG) which will be implemented in East Java with Surabaya as a pilot project.

Daniel Lukas Rongrong, Coordinator of East Java Online Driver confirmed, the implementation of SGG is not the best solution to overcome congestion in East Java in general, and in Surabaya in particular.

“There are five points of our refusal, first SGG is not the solution to overcome congestion in Surabaya, the two SGGs will harm Online Drivers and users (loyal passengers), because they cannot be easily ‘attracted’ and have no free orders,” he said via WhatsApp message, Monday ( 12/12/2018).

The third point, continued Daniel, SGG will cause new problems again. Fourth, SGG will ‘force’, the vehicle owners in this case online drivers to act dishonestly (falsify vehicle numbers) according to SGG, so that they can still be ‘attractive’ for their daily needs (providing for their families).

Finally, SGG will increase the number of online drivers who are in the condition of taking installments “fall” because they cannot pay installments on time each month, because they can only be “withdrawn” according to the SGG application.

“The new problem arises, namely increasing unemployment and not making Online Drivers unproductive, because online driver workdays will decrease by 15 days per month,” he added.

Therefore, he asked the relevant agencies in this matter to be the Department of Transportation (East Java Transportation Agency) to review the plan to implement the Odd System (SGG) which will be implemented in East Java, and started from Surabaya as a pilot project.

“In addition, also asked the East Java Transportation Agency for an audience and listened to the aspirations of Driver Online in East Java through representatives of the Online Driver / alliance / community / Driver community in East Java related to the implementation of the Even Odd System (SGG),” he said.

As reported, the Department of Transportation of East Java together with the Indonesian Transportation Society plans to hold an official discussion on the planned policy of evenly odd implementations of private cars in East Java. Especially in big cities in East Java such as in Jakarta.