TASIKMALAYA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – The existence of public transportation based on online at Tasikmalaya increased since 2017. Along with community needs in getting convenient, safe and affordable public transportation, now the number of online public transportation reaches hundreds.

The government also issued a number of regulations or rules to regulate and organize the presence of special rental transportation or online taxis. Some rules are considered rational and is indeed needed by online taxi drivers. But there are also rules that have been made and it turns out that it is considered contrary to other existing rules or overlapping.

One of the overlapping rules is the regulation on Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fees (BBN-KB) listed in the National Police Chief Regulation number 5 in 2010 concerning motor vehicle registration and identification. That rule, is considered to be very contrary to the Law number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transport, and Minister of Transportation Regulation (PM) number 118 in 2018, for changes in PM number 108 in 2017.

“Regulation of the National Police Chief, which was then followed in West Java by West Java Police Circular Letter number st / 033 / y.1.3.2 / III / 2018, This is considered contrary to Law number 22 of 2009 and Regulation of the Minister of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia number 118 of 2018. The rules are counter productive, “said Dedi Rahman, operational manager of PT Koparindo Maju Mandiri, which is a legal entity / cooperative that houses online taxis in Tasikmalaya, Thursday (10/10/2019).

Besides being conflicting and seemingly overlapping, said Dedi, if the requirement for BBN (Transfer of Motor Vehicle Name Fee) and all online transportation becomes a legal entity is very burdensome for online taxi drivers. Because besides having to go through a long process
and complicated, also will require no small cost. For one vehicle, it requires a minimum BBN fee of Rp. 3,000,000 per unit. Not to mention other costs to take a vehicle permit so that it can be included as a legal online taxi.

Not only that, the process of BBN (Transfer of Motor Vehicle Name Fee) will not be as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Because almost all online taxi vehicles that are currently operating, both in Tasikmalaya and other cities, are on average still in the process of credit to lising. While in the Piduciary law, vehicles cannot be named before all installments are paid.

“This is certainly very difficult, because almost all of the online taxi vehicles are still in credit. So you have to pay off all the credit first, then you can get it. “At this time the BPKB of the vehicle has not yet come out,” Dedi added.

West Java itself, he revealed, was chosen as the pilot of a number of new regulations. So that in other provinces, it certainly hasn’t been felt. The process of the BBN will certainly be hampered by all the obstacles earlier. If it’s like that, then who is at a disadvantage is still the online taxi drivers. Because if you do not meet the licensing requirements will be classified as illegal and a certain period of time the online taxi accounts will be automatically turned off.

Start the principle permit in the Department of Transportation (Regency / city and province of West Java), Jasa Raharja and other permits.

“Actually, we claim to be ready to run all the rules related to online taxi operations in Indonesia. But of course, by considering the priorities and ease in taking all those permits, “said Dedi.

One online taxi driver, Taryan (50), a resident of Tawangsari Village, Tawang District, Tasikmalaya City, claimed to have known the new rules. For him, a number of regulations are considered not to be a problem, such as taking shelter in a legal / Koprasi body, TNKB (motorized vehicle number sign) or online taxi vehicle license plate with special characteristics, up to a number of other licenses that must be owned. However, when a vehicle must be on the BBN it certainly becomes an obstacle. In addition to the estimated costs not proportional to income, it is also related to the status of the vehicle, which on average is still the best installment to lising.

“We ask, just prioritize accounts for vehicles that are legal. Regarding the rules we are ready to follow it. Of course, it must be logical. If the vehicle must be reversed, it is burdensome, “concluded Taryan.