TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG – Traffic accidents occur again on the flyover (flyover) of ZA Road, Teuku Umar Nature Fence, in front of the Boemi Kedaton Mall (MBK), Tuesday (05/08/2018).

This time a white Daihatsu Xenia BE 1724 CY collided with a Pertamina BE 9213 CU tank truck driven by Agung Syaputra.

Although the Xenia condition was severely damaged, it was fortunate that the driver known as Saifudin, a resident of Karunia Indah Blok G3 Housing Number 2 Sukabumi Indah, was still safe but had a broken right leg.

While moaning in pain, Saifudin, who turned out to be a Go-Car driver or Grabcar, admitted that when the incident happened at around 11.00 WIB, he was looking for passengers.

Saifudin claimed to remember a little when he tried to overtake the vehicle in front of him.

But from the opposite direction a Pertamina tanker appeared.

“I am from Tanjungkarang crossing the flyover towards Rajabasa. In the middle of a sudden flyover, I don’t remember exactly what happened,” said the foreman at the Lampung State Logistics Agency when met at the Regional General Hospital Abdul Moeloek on Tuesday.

The victim’s wife, Lasminati, said that before the incident she got a bad feeling.

Therefore Lasminati called her husband.

“I called it many times but my husband did not respond, and at 11:00 I was informed by my husband of an accident,” he said.

According to him, this year her husband had a double profession being an online taxi driver.

“Not bad, sir, help your wife. And usually if you pull this again, there’s no work in the warehouse,” he explained.

While eyewitnesses, Setiaji Santoso, Kotabumi Vocational High School 1 students who were practicing field work (PKL) in Bandar Lampung said, before the incident the vehicle driven by the victim was speeding up before the incident.

Head of Bandar Lampung Police Traffic Unit Commissioner M Syouzarnanda Mega said that his party had secured a tanker truck driver for further information.

“For the victim, there was a torn wound in the heel and a broken right leg and blisters in the right and left hands,” he said.