PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II, as the manager of Soekarno-Hatta Airport stated that they have not been able to find the concept of cooperation with the online taxi. Because the discussion of cooperation with the manager of public transportation modes that have cooperated with the airport is still done and there has been no decision.

still has not been decided. Senior General Manager of Soetta Airport, Suriawan Wakan admitted that the discussion on cooperation with the online taxi is still discussed by his side and the airport legal transportation partners.

Such as travel companies, Damri, and Car Air Transport Cooperative. Therefore the concepts of cooperation from the discussion are not final. “The concept of cooperation with the taxi party online is still being discussed. It is necessary regulation to regulate, so there is no conflict in the daytime, “he explained to, (5/10).

According to him also, has not found the concept of cooperation with taxi online because not yet got the right regulation formula. In addition, so far the worry of losing competition managers of transportation modes that have been working with the airport with an online taxi is still there.

“This rule of law and cooperation has not been obtained. The problem is the existence of this online taxis feared disrupt regular taxi revenue and Damri and Hiba Utama, “said Suriawan as well. Not until there, Suriawan admitted to the airport management by taxi online because of the high interest of airport consumers.

Because the price given taxis online is cheaper than the mode of transportation that has been working with PT AP II. Thus, if not made the rules of action cat-kucingan online taxes that carry passengers from Soetta Airport with business actors public transportation modes can cause fellow drivers in the field.

“The problem, the reduced revenue due to the presence of online taxis. If you bring passengers here it’s okay. But if the transport of passengers from the airport was not allowed, because pity other public transportation modes that have been working with us, “he explained. He also believes in the near future an agreement with an online taxi will be made.

“Surely, the cooperation of online taxis with Soetta Airport does not harm others. That is, it can be mutually beneficial to the colleagues of airport transportation that already exists, “he said as well. Reported earlier, complaints come from three PT AP II partner companies that manage the transportation mode there.

The reason, the revenue of three modes of transportation is reduced because of the existence of online taxis who seek passengers without official permission from the airport manager. The partners of the three airports also proposed banning the operation of online taxis into the airport to find passengers.

Because of that complaint the airport manager also installed an application to catch an online taxi that hung at the airport. Cat-kucingan action with security officers also occurred and resulted in chaos management of transportation modes at the airport located in Tangerang.

Alternative to solve the conflict was triggered by airport managers by trying to explore the cooperation with the online taxi business actor. Public Policy Observer University of Indonesia, Lisman Manurung said the efforts taken by PT AP II to cooperate in managing the transportation modes at the airport a good step. However, he said also, there are some things that must be owned to achieve such cooperation.

It has a legitimate legal umbrella, and combines the location of taxi online with other modes of transportation. Not only that, the use of yellow or common license plate to the taxi online should also be done. This is to avoid cheating often done by the driver.

“Ask the rules of the game to Kemenhub for KIR taxi online. So there is no cheating and other friction. After all this time online taxis using black plate. In order not to violate the rules of Transport Law of Goods / Services. That’s just the formula that can complete the assessment of cooperation for online taxi can operate, “he said.

Lisman also added, it is necessary to limit the number of online taxi fleet by the Soetta Airport management as well as giving stickers to the online taxi fleet operating at the airport. “That is to monitor the existence of online taxis so as not to harm other modes of transportation,” he explained as well.