, BATAM – Discussion on the passenger pickup point (red zone) for online taxis in Batam is still uncertain.

Moreover, this pick-up point problem often triggers disputes that lead to a commotion between the online taxis and conventional taxis (base taxis).

Tribune noted, the commotion occurred in the public sectors such as Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport, Batam Center Ferry Port, and several shopping centers. One of them is most often around the Mega Mall Batam Center area.

Seeing this, Batam DPRD Commission III member Thomas Arihta Sembiring asked the Riau Islands Transportation Department (Dishub) to immediately take a stand. Moreover, he said, this never-ending problem became the authority of the Riau Islands Provincial Government.

“It should immediately make a decision on it (red zone). But involve the KPPU, because the red zone problem is related to business competition,” he told Tribune, Sunday (1/12/2020).

Thomas said, if it has disturbed the situation and the convenience of many people, of course business practices have led to unfair business competition.

With the current condition of Batam moving into the tourism industry, he does not want a prolonged polemic between online taxis and conventional taxis that make tourists feel unsafe.

“The rule of law exists, Law No. 5 of 1999 article 9 has been stated clearly. What is the basis for the red zone, if there are no regulations, it must be clear about the red zone,” he continued

Article 9 of 1999 stipulates that business actors are prohibited from entering into agreements with business competitors that aim to divide the marketing area or market allocation of goods and / or services so as to result in monopolistic practices and / or unfair business competition.

Head of the Regional Office (Kanwil) 1 of the Medan Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), Ramli Simanjuntak, also commented on the polemic of the online taxi pick-up point (red zone) in the never-ending city of Batam.

He said, this problem only needed the firmness of the local government, in this case the Riau Islands Provincial Government.

Because for him, if Ministerial Regulation (PM) No. 118 of 2018 regarding the implementation of special rental transport (ASk) or online taxis has been officially enacted some time ago, it means that online taxis are also entitled to get the same opportunities as conventional taxis to carry out business practices in Batam City .

“Every businessman (online taxi) that has a permit must be protected and get the same opportunity. They (online taxis) are also required to get legal certainty,” he said addressing the prolonged online taxi and conventional taxi polemic, Sunday (12/1).

Even related to the red zone itself, he explained if it was never regulated in statutory regulations.

“Look, the online taxi operating permit has been issued. Now, where is the problem? Regarding the red zone, there is no regulation from the government. The local government should have made it and explained its purpose,” he continued.

Ramli also said that this problem had also been sanctioned or punished by the KPPU in Batam because of an element of business monopoly practices.

So, he deeply regrets if the Riau Islands Provincial Government does not immediately take a stand in this chaos.