They consider the government to be lacking in discussion.

Surabaya, IDN Times – Polemic taxi and motorcycle taxi online rates continue to this day. Demands from drivers regarding lower humane tariffs continue to be voiced. The price war between applicators has actually brought victims. One of the players in this business, Uber, chose to leave Indonesia and Southeast Asia before finally being acquired by Grab. Apparently, this also has an impact on car rental entrepreneurs.

1. Losses reach 25 percent

Online Taxi Price War, This Is The Impact For Car Rental Entrepreneurs
IDN Times / Sukma Shakti

Chairman of the DPD Association of Regional Rent Car Entrepreneurs (Asperda) Surabaya, Junaedi acknowledged that slashing prices in this business had a major impact on his business. “If the loss reaches 25 percent. Because they are cheap, so if you keep renting, then it will be interesting to think again. So the rental of this car is lacking,” he explained.

2. Avanza cars, Xenia affected

Online Taxi Price War, This Is The Impact For Car Rental

Furthermore, Jun, familiarly called Junaedi, revealed that the Alphard class luxury cars were not affected. But it is this small family car that has a significant impact. “Yes, Avanza, Xenia type cars are usually rented for online taxis. Now, there are few rules that are unclear regarding the questionable tariffs,” he said.

3. Asperda regrets that the government is deemed not to invite discussion

Online Taxi Price War, This Is The Impact For Car Rental EntrepreneursBETWEEN PHOTOS / Zabur Karuru

Jun also said that so far the government had not invited discussion of rent car entrepreneurs. In fact, according to him online taxis can live because of rent cars and vice versa. Therefore, he called this a symbiosis of mutualism. “But unfortunately the government has not accommodated our aspirations. Even though we also help online taxis, if the taxis are quiet, we are also quiet. This economy is synergistic with each other, you know,” concluded Junaedi.