| SURABAYA – Head of the Surabaya Transportation Agency East Java Fattah Yasin will invite online drivers to address the cancellation of Minister of Transportation Regulation 108/2017. However, after the Governor Regulation, the quota of online taxis in East Java remains limited.

 “We will specifically invite online drivers in East Java. That they need to be regulated as well so as not to rub against conventional taxis. We will also invite East Java organda to specifically address the cancellation of the Permenhub,” Fattah said on Friday (9/14/2018).

In Permenhub 108, all online taxis must meet the requirements before operating to serve passengers. Apart from having to be under a legal entity, not an individual, the car must have a special attitude. Pass the test and have a pool (garage).

The East Java Provincial Government itself has a Pergub which limits online taxi quota operating in the East Java region. In accordance with the Governor Regulation, there will only be 4,445 units of online taxi cars that can operate in East Java.

Of this number, 3,000 are in Surabaya and surrounding areas. The rest is for Malang and all regions in East Java.

However, this limitation is difficult because of the wild and many online taxis in East Java. It is estimated that there are a total of 20,000 online taxis currently operating in East Java.

 The quota limitation does not include those canceled by the MA because the quota is determined by the Governor. What is worrying is that after the cancellation of the online taxi regulation, this application is increasingly wild.

Besides that, it will also be more vulnerable to friction with conventional transportation. While the position of online taxis is weak legally.

 Head of Surabaya Organda Sonhaji said that online taxis are now illegal after there was no longer the Minister of Transportation.

“We ask Surabaya Organda members to refrain from acting out of control,” Sonhaji said.

Kadiasub Fattah himself was informed that the Minister of Transportation in a week would issue a new Permenhub. The new rules about online taxis are in accordance with the expectations of the community.

The Ministry of Transportation Regulation 108 was canceled because the main article in it harms online taxi drivers. Three Surabaya online drivers namely Daniel Lukas Rorong, Herry Wahyu and Rahmatullah sued the Mahkama Agung (MA). The result was that their lawsuit was granted and won.