, SURABAYA – The urging of online taxi drivers in Surabaya to get legal protection in the form of regional regulations is still unrequited.

Because, there are many articles in the regulation initiated by the Surabaya DPRD which were not approved by the central government.

The Chairperson of the Surabaya Regional Legislative Assembly (Bapperda) Compilation Board Muchammad Machmud explained that the draft draft regulation was actually completed since September last year.

There are several articles that are adapted to local conditions. “But, when consulted with the ministry, they said no,” he explained.

That is the main obstacle to not discussing the regulation of taxi and motorcycle taxi online in Surabaya.

For example, the issue of quota. In the Minister of Transportation, restrictions on online taxi quota certainly cannot compensate for market needs.

Therefore, the council seeks to lobby the Ministry of Transportation regarding this matter. However, the results obtained are not encouraging.

Machmud said, until now he was still routinely communicating with online taxi drivers.

To complete the anxiety faced by online taxi drivers, the council will seek hearings with them.

However, the plan cannot be implemented in the near future. In fact, the drivers requested that the results of the meeting on Friday be released within two weeks.

The Board must also call representatives from the provincial ministries and transportation agencies.

The goal is that the hearing process can produce a more comprehensive, non-working formulation.

“We must first get involved from the ministry, as soon as we invite,” Machmud continued.

In the latest hearing, the decision to approve the regulation is expected to reach a bright spot.

The hope, Surabaya or East Java can be the first area to apply the technical rules of online transportation in Indonesia.

” This discussion has been completed article per article. Whenever we are ready plenary, ” said Machmud.