JAKARTA – Since November 1 Regulation of the Ministry of Transportation (Permenhub) No 108 regarding taxi online has come into effect. Some consumers also gave their comments on the regulation.

One of the active taxi users online, Desy Hazizah, expressed his objection to some of the Permenhub points. Among them Desy reply area restrictions for taxis online.

Female office workers in the Rasuna Said area stated if the area of ​​a taxi online is limited will be troublesome consumers as well. Distribution of this route will obviously distress drivers and consumers.

“Umpama dibatasin (region) as well as take a busway or public transportation.Anyway if you take a taxi online tuh indeed the goal to the far, fit, comfortable, but affordable,” said Desy, Wednesday (1/11).

Another thing that was protested by Desy is the regulation of the installation of stickers on the body of an online taxi car. According to him, the car became the privacy of each. Desy then give advice if you want to be given the identification should be made only ID cards rather than stickers.

One of the other online taxi users, Saras also commented on the regulation. Saras declared himself to agree – agree only to the rules of the upper and lower tariff limits.

He claimed no objection to the tariff adjustment. Because all this is gained for konsuman is a cheap tariff. When a lower tariff line is set it also relieves taxi drivers online.

Saras said that as long as he still gets the convenience in using the transportation, the regulation of Permenhub is not burdensome. About the provision of stickers in taxi cars online, for Saras does not provide any changes for consumers. Because the consumer has been given the identity of the driver through the application