Bogor Police officers continue to deepen the case robbery taxi driver online at Jagorawi Toll KM 36, Bogor Regency, on Tuesday, April 11 at around 06.30 am in the morning. Bogor Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Andi M. Dicky said the case was purely robbery because there was evidence of evidence and planning.

“They intend to rob the taxi online because it takes the machetes in action,” he said in Mapolres Bogor, Wednesday (04/12/2017).

After successfully escaping Daehatsu Xenia’s car belonging to Dwi Pantoro Oktavianes (33), an online taxi driver, Julian Daniel (20) and Ermanto (18) did not immediately sell it.

“The concerned is about to sell it, but it is not sold yet, so while it is used first,” he said.

According to Andy, the perpetrator was arrested in Kebayoran Lama area, South Jakarta, on Wednesday early this morning. From the perpetrator’s hands, the police confiscated the evidence of a unit of a white Daihatsu Xenia car, a mobile phone, and a machete.
“Both are secured while sleeping,” he said.

Head of Public Relations of Bogor Police, AKP Ita Puspitalena revealed that Julian Daniel and Ermanto are new players aka related amateurs perampokan taxi online. From the police investigation, the two perpetrators are the specialties of mobile phone thieves.

“Amateur Usually picks a mobile phone instead of stealing a car,” Ita said.

Not only that, the perpetrator is also not professional because after ordering the taxi online through the application, mobile phone is still active so that the police can be detected.

“Every crime perpetrator perpetrators are also often consume drug tramadol type,” he said.

While Dwi Pantoro Oktavianes (33), the taxi driver online who was a victim of robbery, is still being treated intensive at the hospital because of injuries in some of his body due to sabetan machete.

Dwi Pantoro Oktavianes became the victim of a robbery at Jagorawi Toll KM 36, Bogor Regency. Dwi suffered injuries in the lower ear, left cheek, left arm and left hand thumb.

After helpless the victim was thrown on Jagorawi Toll Road KM 36, before the South Sentul toll gate.

The perpetrator then carried off a car Daihatsu Xenia nopol F 1807 FV. Victim perampokan found Dandim 0621 Bogor Regency Lt. Col. Inf. Fransisco on the edge of the expressway before the South Sentul Sentul exit.