– One of the providers of online or taxi-based taxi service, Grab, claims to have helped reduce the number of private car users in Singapore by 19 thousand units, since they first operated in the country four years ago.

Singapore’s Head of Grab, Lim Key Jay, confessed, every single Grab car operated, there are 1.5 private cars that are no longer used by the citizens of the Lion Country.

According to him, one factor that makes people no longer use their personal vehicles is due to the GrabShare service and GrabHitch. So, users can share rates with others who are heading in the same direction.

In addition, they also have GrabShuttle, a bus sharing service with predefined routes. If required, the user can order a bus for the new route. However, the number of enthusiasts must be in accordance with the capacity of the bus.

With these neatly structured services, Grab claims that the benefits of drivers in Singapore are higher than in some other Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Known, public transportation is very popular in Singapore. This is due to the high cost needed by citizens to be able to own a car.

In addition to high vehicle taxes, Singapore also has strict rules about exhaust emissions and vehicle age. (Ase)