– Some time ago, a commotion between online taxis and conventional taxis occurred again.

As if it never ended, the polemic between the two occurred again around the Batam Center International Ferry Port area.

Even, Regional Police (Polda) Riau Islands also took a firm stand and arrange a meeting for both sides recently.

“Yesterday’s meeting, in principle, we from the police only delivered the Kamtibmas message,” said the Director of Traffic (Dirlantas) of the Riau Islands Police, Commissioner Pol Mujiono to the Batam Tribune, Monday (9/12/2019), when met at the Barelang Police Station.

According to him, the matter of licensing online taxis itself is the authority of the Riau Islands Provincial Government, in this case the Riau Islands Provincial Transportation Agency.

Mujiono also explained, it has been explicitly regulated in Minister of Transportation Regulation (Permenhub) No. 118 of 2018 concerning the implementation of special rental transportation.

“It was stated in the regulation that the authority was in the hands of the governor as the regional head and that is the job of the Dishub, “he continued.

Meanwhile the Indonesian National Police (Polri) in this online taxi problem will only act if there is a violation in the rule of law and a disturbance in public security and order.

Mujiono also hopes and asks every stakeholder or authorized institution to immediately resolve this polemic so that the City of Batam returns conducive.

Previously, chaotic online taxis and conventional taxis occurred again at Batam Center International Ferry Port on Tuesday (3/12/2019).

In that incident, the two sides not only quarreled with each other but were also involved in a scuffle. This tense atmosphere was perpetuated by foreign tourists who also experienced fear of the incident. (dna)