SRAGEN – To reduce the polemic between online taxi drivers and the community of Roda Jaya rental cars operating in the RSUD area of dr. Soehadi Prijonegoro Sragen, the related party held a mediation yesterday (1/30).

Present at the mediation were Director of Didik Haryanto Hospital, Sragen City Police Chief Iptu Mashadi, and Sragen Transportation Agency representatives. During this time, the two camps often scramble patients and families of patients at local hospitals.

In the mediation, Didik stressed, the problem of transportation services should not be troubling the public. “The hospital requested (polemic of two camps, Red) not to interfere with patient services in the RSUD,” he said.

City Police Chief Iptu Mashadi representing Sragen Police Chief AKBP Yimmy Kurniawan stressed, online-based transportation must understand the zones specified.

Meanwhile, each camp will deliver the results of mediation to other members. Mediation continued today, Thursday (1/31).