Hargo.co.id GORONTALO – Starting today, online taxis are no longer carelessly parking their vehicles. They can only hang out in designated places, especially the red area of ​​Gorontalo City.

The Red area of ​​Gorontalo City itself is near the location of the school in Gorontalo city, Mall Karsa Utama, part of the Citimall Gorontalo area or fixed on the road of HOS Cokroaminoto, Grand Q Hotel, Aloei Saboe Hospital (RSAS) and traditional markets.

This was revealed at a hearing at the Gorontalo City DPRD yesterday, Friday (9/28). The meeting was tough. Each party between an online taxi and the bentor driver has their own opinions about the operational location.

The represented taxi online grab claims that they have permission from the Gorontalo provincial government so that they can carry out operations.

While Bentor also survives the various complaints they have faced so far, many of their places have been taken by grabs. However, because there are rules regarding the red area, the meeting was reaffirmed.

One of them is the point associated with the red area that should not be taken by grabs. Like in all schools in the city of Gorontalo, traditional markets, main destinations. For the red area at Citimall Gorontalo, grabs should not hang out along the Cokroaminto road and also enter the Citimall location, which is in the surrounding area. Grab is only allowed to hang out on Kasuari street or in front of Maqna Hotel, Gorontalo City. For the Grand Q Hotel area, grabs should not be tolerated at all. Grab can only take passengers who have been waiting in the loby.

But what is still being debated is the location of Gorontalo City Hospital. RSAS itself has a standard operating procedure (SOP) that must prioritize services to patients, one of which is easy transportation access. However, the bentor base in RSAS has also been around for a long time, they were suspended before Grab arrived. Because we haven’t got a concrete solution, then the grab and bentor arrangement will be discussed further. Even in the discussion of the red area in this RSAS, there had been a commotion, lucky all parties could calm down and no riots occurred.

“Indeed, there were red area zones before and in this meeting the red area was emphasized, Alhamdulillah, it could be accepted by both parties, both the clash and the grab itself,” said Chairman of Commission B of Gorontalo City DPRD, Ariston Tilameo.

Separately, President of the Gorontalo Bentor (IPB) Driver Association, Iwan Abdul Latif said that what had become an agreement at the meeting in Gorontalo City DPRD would certainly be socialized to all members of the bentor driver. “The bases that have problems, have agreed before, and both have also agreed not to interfere with each other passengers. And God willing, a bentor zone sign will be installed, “he said.

Meanwhile Grab Administration Trainer, Boby Galuanta, also conveyed what was the solution and agreement from Gorontalo City DPRD was a very good deal. “As Gorontalo people, of course we want to be together to build Gorontalo that we love, and if there are problems we can find solutions together,” he concluded.