A number of facilities in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, such as electricity to communication gradually recovered after the earthquake and tsunami struck on September 28. These conditions make online taxi drivers start operating again.

One of the online taxi drivers, Aris, claimed to have been operating since Monday (10/10). “The signal is smooth, the gasoline is safe, just starting (operating). Monday has begun to operate, “said Aris who drives a city car in Palu City on Tuesday (9/10).

Aris said that when it first started operating, there were still many who booked online taxis who did not believe that they were back in operation. In fact, he said, there are people who just try ordering an online taxi.

“There are people who try, a lot, ‘how come this is possible’. When he entered, he can already be online, ‘obviously it can, sir, the network is 4G, I say so we are online, why aren’t you ready? ‘Wow, but I have made an order, ok, I order it, ‘said Aris while laughing.

The condition of Palu City, Central Sulawesi from the air. (Photo: Body / coil)

Aris revealed that there were many passengers he served. Most of the passengers, said Aris, were people from outside the city of Palu who were helping disaster victims.

“Yesterday I got 23 trips, near here, nothing was far away. Many volunteers use Grab. Most outsiders (Palu), Jakarta, are from Japan, “explained Aris.

But Aris said there were still not many online taxi drivers returning to operation. Because many of his colleagues chose to leave Palu for a while.

While Aris chose to resume operations to support his family who survived the earthquake. And, to pay for the car payments that he uses for online taxis that must be paid off.

“This installment cannot be invited by the earthquake. What if suddenly leasing comes in, leasing is billed to me and I said it was an earthquake, my car could be taken, “said Aris.