TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – After the Minister of Justice No.108 was annulled by the Supreme Court last September, the Ministry of Transportation prepared a replacement regulation.

Director General of Land Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, revealed that the Ministry of Transportation prepared 2 draft proposals for this new regulation.

There are two draft ministerial regulations, the first is the regulation concerning the issue of special rental transportation.

“One more standard for minimum service,” said Budi Setiyadi.


In one draft of the minimum service standard, there is a panic button embedding rule.

This panic button is in the online transportation application for the safety and safety of the driver and passengers.

“This draft is only a proposal. We are doing further exploration with all relevant parties,” Budi said.

Since the PM 108 rule has been annulled, the Ministry of Transportation has 90 days to make new rules.

“Enough time. In order to make this new rule is not in a hurry and can be far better in spawning policies,” Budi closed.

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Online Taxi and PM 108 Rules that Driver Complaints, Ministry of Transportation Prepares Substitute Draft

Online Taxis and Chaotic Issues about Transportation, Ministry of Transportation Prepares Reputation Policy for PM 108.

That is the solution that will be taken by the Directorate General (DG) of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation.

The Ministry of Transportation is preparing a draft replacement for Ministerial Regulation (PM) Number 108 of 2017.

The regulation regulates the implementation of Public Transport of People with Motorized Vehicles Not in the Route including regarding online transportation.

Director General of Land Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, said that if PM 108 will be broken down into two regulations, the aim is to separate regulations for special rental and online transportation.

“I am preparing myself to draft a substitute for PM 108. We split into two. one that is purely concerned with the issue of special rental transportation that is not based online and based online, “said Director General Budi at the Ministry of Transportation.

 Budi Setiyadi admitted that to arrange special rental rules there were no difficulties and the draft was nearing completion while the rules for online transportation were still awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court because someone sued the regulation.

“The first regulation is relatively easy and ready. The second regulation on online is ready, but still awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court,” said Director General Budi.

The amendment to PM 108 was also to answer complaints from online taxi driver associations who expressed their disagreement with the application company that turned into a transportation company, criticized the applicator’s and driver’s working relationship, and discussed the lawsuit addressed to the MA about PM 108.