JAKARTA – Observer and Professor of Economics from the University of Indonesia (UI) Rhenald Kasali assesses the existence of online or online transportation has efficiency values.

“In terms of platforms, online transportation is a revolution of life and the impact is very large. On the other hand, online transportation also has a value of efficiency,” Rhenald said in a release received by Antara on Thursday (5/4/2018). 

According to him, the efficiency created through online transportation services, namely shortened travel time. In addition, online transportation is also considered to be able to help overcome the problem of congestion and pollution. 

“The existence of online transportation cuts people’s travel time to a place. Online transportation can also reduce congestion because they don’t have to add vehicles,” Rhenald said.

Meanwhile, he said, the research results of the University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics and Business Demographic Institute (LD FEB UI) showed that one of the online transportation service providers, namely Go-Jek, contributed Rp.9.9 trillion to the Indonesian economy each year. 

“The numbers mentioned by the Demographic Institute are actually correct, but the numbers are still not large. My guess is that the impact rate is greater than that,” Rhenald said. 

He revealed there are other things that have not been shown through this research, namely the efficiency value created through online transportation. In addition, he also considered online transportation services, such as Go-Jek, should be seen as a cross-industry platform.

“Defining a new start up is not merely a single product. The first thing to look at is the platform, the second is the efficiency value,” Rhenald said.

Meanwhile, economic observer from Gajah Mada University (UGM) Tony Prasetiantono added that besides the value of efficiency, online transportation also has an impact on its human resources. 

He said the average income of online transportation drivers reached Rp.3,300,000 or exceeded Rp.2,800,000, which was the same as the average Regency / City Minimum Wage (UMK) in nine regions. 

“So, it can be said that working as an online transportation driver, for example Go-Jek, turns out to be more feasible. This can be an alternative job, especially in the informal sector,” Tony added.


source https://economy.okezone.com/read/2018/04/05/320/1882466/transportasi-online-contoh-revolusi-kehidupan