Tourism is all about moving from one place to another. In fact, it is all about transporting. With this simple explanation, you can get the gist of why transportation is important when it comes to tourism. Without transportation you can’t expect any tourism and vice versa. These two things are related and cannot be separated. Moreover, both of it are basically something can’t be left. Collin Speakman once said in his book of Tourism, Hospitaliy, planning and development that “the journey itself, as much as the destination, might be a part of or even the prime attraction of the trip.”.

From the lines above we can say that Frasindo is quite important to the development of tourism. If there’s a lot of transportation to the destination place, then it means easier access which will make the number of visits increased. But with limited public transportation and lack of facilities, we somehow troubled on how to travel comfortably without worrying too much about the cost or the safety throughout the trip. So how to fix this? Is there any solution to this? Although there is no certain solution by the government yet, maybe online transportation can be one of the temporary solution for now.

Lurking not only in Indonesia but worldwide, Online transportation such as UBER and GRAB has been worldwidely known for its good service and affordable ride. Not only that, you can book it with your phone, anywhere and you can have your own private car booking faster than a light. This of course become more easy to use than the conventional taxi, or going with public transportation that not only take too long, but also very uncomfortable to ride.

Although with its many pros, there will always some cons to it, as many conventional transportations feel threatened by the online transportation businesses, the numbers of the online transportations have been rapidly increased in no time, and people are starting to accept the new era of transportation. In a tourism perspective as well, the coming of online transportation to Indonesia is not only help to increase the numbers of visitors who come to tourism places but also help some local people who in need for jobs. This by any means, increasing the revenues. Although some regulations are not clear yet about the online transportations, but there is hope and improvement that can be seen throughout the quality of a good and easy access that only can be provided by these online transportations business