Bandung – Online-based public transport activities in all areas of West Java were suspended following a joint statement made by the Container Alliance of Transportation Aspiration (WAAT) West Java together with West Java Provincial Government.

Based on this, the Bandung City Government also implements the suspension of online transport activities pending the official decision of the central government.

Head of Control and Control of Transport (Field PDKT) Bandung Transportation Agency, Yosep Heryansyah justify, for the time being the drivers of online transport is prohibited from operating.

“Right (forbidden to operate) the results of the agreement in the Provincial Department of Transportation to temporarily wait for the revision of Permenhub.Applied (online transport) does not operate first,” said Yosep when contacted via short message on Wednesday (11/10/2017) morning.

To prevent friction, today the Provincial Governor of West Java will conduct an operational action for online transport that is still operating. Similar operations have been conducted since Tuesday (10/10/2017) yesterday.

“The plan there is tikum (legal action) by the Provincial Department of Transportation at 08.30 pm, led by Dishub Jabar, Bandung Subdistrict Back up just according to the authority,” he said.

Previously, WAAT urged the West Java provincial government to take an attitude related to polemic transport online. WAAT also threatened a mass strike if there is no firm stance from the government to ban online transport operates.

But after the deliberation on Monday (9/10/2017) then, West Java provincial government agreed to conduct banning operations for temporary transport online while waiting for an official decision from the central government.