BOGOR – The action of this online transport driver is out of the ordinary. Just because the order is canceled, he is angry and damaging the mobile phone subscribers by way of slamming. Not only that, a known car driver named Fir also molested the mother who ordered the order.

Beating occurs, because the mother protects his son from the increasingly desperate Fir anger.

The information obtained, the argument to the occurrence of vandalism and beatings began when Niar 23, ordered a taxi online at around 11:31 pm, Wednesday (04/10/2017).

Niar ordered this paid transportation with the aim of swimming pool High Land Sentul from his home in Bogor Asri Housing

This sexy girl told her to reporters said, his cell phone screen listed, the location of the order not far only 1 minute.

“Strangely not quickly get home, even add long added so far 8 minutes and then backed 9 minutes. I’m in a hurry, so I cancel. The longer it goes. Reasonable dong if dicancel, “he said.

After the cancellation, a few minutes later, he was called by the driver directly angry did not receive. “It turns out he came home with a rage. I’m there again, “he explained.
The driver even issued a harsh word to his mother.

The driver was emotionless, immediately seized his HP and slammed it onto the floor.

Suharsih, the mother then defended her daughter. But Fir’s emotions are becoming more and more. Niar’s mother was hit in the back of her head.

“I’ve battled with a broom but he keeps on hitting. My mother was slapped hinggs back head bumps. Because my mother misahin, “he explained.

Emotion Fir that comes with Red Avanza cars subsided, after the local people came to intervene. The perpetrator then left the site for fear of mass judgment.

Cases of vandalism and maltreatment and speech of indecent words will be reported to the authorities.