, Jakarta Many people say that with the presence of various online transportation applications such as now makes Jakarta feels safer than ever.

Yes, you do not need to be confused again what to ride if traveling at night or early morning.

Through an application that is in the smartphone, you can get shuttle service to wherever and whenever you want.

However, it turns out the widespread use of this service also makes some people look for opportunities to do no good.

As ever experienced by Rena (24) upon arrival in Jakarta, after a few days leave in his hometown in Central Java.

At that time Rena and a friend named Adit (28) arrived at Pasar Senen Station at 3 am. Agreeing to go home using an online taxi, Adit looks for it using apps already available on mobile phones.

Either because the day is still too early, online taxi orders had been rejected 3 times. Almost gave up, the order finally received by the taxi driver online call it Toni.

A long wait in front of Pasar Senen station, Toni’s car finally arrived at 3.30 am.

However, how surprised Adit when opening the front door of the car and found there was a woman who had sat quietly in the back seat.

“Loh, there are other passengers, sir?” Adit asked, still surprised.

“Oiya, that’s my brother from Java, I want to go to Bintaro, I do not have anything to say, mas, just go up, I’ll discount it,” Toni explained while bidding.

Adit had asked Rena’s opinion and agreed that they would cancel the order.

“No, sir, thank you,” Adit said, closing the car door.

“Oiya already, just cancel ya, mas. Sorry ya, mas, this my brother really,” said Toni before his car went away.

Of course, this is a valuable experience for Rena and Adit. With a rather cold face without expression of course Rena did not want to just believe that the woman is the brother of the driver.

When the door is opened anyway, greetings and greetings or just a smile from the woman who brought the taxi driver online did not come out. Who is not suspicious about this condition?

Indeed we should not be prejudiced against others. However, in situations like this, lonely morning vigilance still needs to be improved. Although no one knows who is actually the figure who sits in the back seat of the car and what Toni’s motive is, it can be a lesson for you to be more careful about using any online taxi service.