KUALANAMU – Land Transport Organization (Organda) demanded that an online taxi (Grabcar Airport or Grab Airport) be inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation on Thursday (07/11/2019) asked to be reviewed.

This online transportation has become a transportation vehicle at Kualanamu International Airport (KNIA), Deliserdang, North Sumatra (North Sumatra).

“The Mou violates the rules, because the vehicle that will be equipped with the application is a conventional yellow plate taxi transport.
This one is a black plate taxi, this is an abuse, “explained the Chairperson of Special Rental Transportation (ASK) Organda Mebidangro (Medan-Binjai-Deliserdang-Karo) Frans Simbolon accompanied by the Chairperson of Medan Mont Gomery Munthe.

The claim was conveyed by them because, at this time the official transport of transportation at the Airport was inadequate. “That’s because of the rampant illegal transportation at the airport, including black plate online transportation,” he said.

He said, the MoU made by PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II Kualanamu Airport with the Grab Application Company and Vendor as airport taxi transport manager is facilitating yellow airport official taxi transport with access to applications made by Grab with an agreed number of quota 344 taxi vehicle units official airport.

“However, the implementation of the MoU seems to have been misused by Vendors and Grab, where official yellow-plate taxis facilitated by applications still amount to 86 units out of a total of 344 units.
Then from the rest Grab piggybacks on online transportation such as Avanza Xenia and others whose black plate is facilitated by the Airport Grab application. This is the cause of the commotion and harming airport taxi drivers, “he said.

According to him, the black-plate transportation violates the rules of online transportation or special rental transportation. “It has been regulated in the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. 118 of 2018. Where special rental or online transportation can only operate if they have permission to operate special rental transportation (KPS). Each transport must be equipped with a surveillance card from the Provincial Transportation Agency,” he explained.

Therefore, they requested the MoU to be canceled and reviewed. This was in accordance with the results of the Hearings Meeting (RDP) in the North Sumatra DPRD (North Sumatra) on Monday (07/08/2019) which decided to hold a meeting again discussing the issue and calling on all relevant parties to find a solution. AP II Parties did not notify the plan of the Airport Taxi MoU to be inaugurated.