TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, GAMBIR – Head of DKI Jakarta Land Transportation Organization (Organda) Shafruhan Sinungan asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government not to make online taxi as a golden boy in the even-odd expansion.

Because the online taxi is not included in the mass transit category and is not a yellow number plate.

“They are not a public transportation, there are rules that in the law called a public transportation is with a yellow plate,” he said, Wednesday (8/20/2019).

“So do not make an exception, they must be subject to the policy,” he explained explaining.

He also admitted that he was disappointed with the statement of the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi who asked the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government to allow this online transportation to roam freely on the streets of the capital city without being subjected to even odd regulations.

“Actually, I am disappointed with the attitude of the Minister of Transportation who did not support Jakarta’s policy, because Jakarta has its own problems,” he said.

The purpose of the problem according to Shafruhan is the level of air pollution in Jakarta which has been so high in recent months.

He also believes that the limitation of motor vehicles through the expansion of even odd rules can overcome a number of problems in Jakarta, such as air pollution and traffic congestion.

“For example, during the Asian Games last year, when the policy was carried out the air pollution in Jakarta dropped by more than 20 percent,” he said.

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government itself is currently working on online taxi regulations without the even odd regulations on 25 roads in the capital.

Later, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will issue a sticker that can be installed on the vehicle as a sign that the car is an online taxi.

“This week we have begun to conduct a comprehensive study. All input has been received, then we will try a public test first,” said Head of the Jakarta Transportation Agency Syafrin Liputo, Tuesday (8/20/2019).

“After that, we arrange the regulations,” he explained.