Surabaya, – Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo supports the enactment of tariff up and down taxi online by the Minister of Transportation RI. Because the determination is already involving all parties, both government, transportation experts and leaders of online taxi companies.

Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number 26 Year 2017 on the Implementation of People’s Transportation with Public Vehicles Not In Route, the rate under the online taxi in Java is Rp 3,500 per km and the upper limit is Rp 6,000 per km

“We support the determination of tariff up and down it because the decision-making process has been participatory” said Pakde Karwo, greeting familiar Governor of East Java when interviewed reporters after the Parliament Plenary Session in East Java Parliament Office, Jl. Indrapura Surabaya, Wednesday (5/7).
Related to the conventional taxi, Pakde Karwo asked the Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation of RI that the tariff under conventional taxi in East Java remains at Rp. 4.484, -. While on the other hand, Kemenhub wants lower tariffs greater than that figure.

“We have sent a letter to Kemenhub for tariffs under conventional taxi in East Java remain Rp. 4.484. The reason, if the tariff is added later conventional taxis can close. If conventional taxi to close, then the problem will increase complex “he said