The feud between online taxis and conventional taxis brings disaster. This time the feud between the two became the trigger of traffic accidents on Jalan Trunojoyo around Brantas Bridge, Sunday (27/08/2017).

One of the residents around Hermawan Indra (24) explains the accident that occurred at around 05.00 WIB was started when one of the taxi online using the car Avanza N 397 FV was taking passengers in front of Cafe Siluet, around the station.

After that the taxi step on the gas and a few minutes walk the taxi driver online feel there is a light dimmer continuously.

“Because felt pursued by conventional taxis, ultimately online taxes step on the gas tightly trying to avoid conventional taxis that chase him,” he explained.

Panicked at high speed, reaching the bridge, the driver can not control his car. Unexpectedly from the opposite direction there is a passing bus and a crashing can not be avoided.

“It was on the bus, there were three passengers, and lucky no casualties. If the identity of his driver I do not know mas, I just see on the edge, not long there is a police officer came, “he said.

“The condition of the car was badly damaged on the front. While the bus experience wrecked into, “he added

Meanwhile, he also regretted the continuing feud of this public vehicle. He suggested that the government should immediately find a solution to this problem so as not to appear the next victims.

“If not immediately resolved there will be more victims. During this time has been very frequent conflict between them heard the community. Equally looking for food and sustenance should be able to reconcile. Therefore, the government must immediately act to disentangle this issue, “he concluded