GORONTALO – For pawning a car belonging to Sanny Tansil, a resident of the Village of Calaca, Wenang District, Manado City, the online taxi driver with the initials EP alias Ell was reported to the police by the car owner, Monday (5/8/2019) at Gorontalo Police Headquarters. This case reached the legal desk, when the victim and the perpetrator formed a contract in October 2018, in one of the car rentals located in Paguyaman Village, Kota Tengah Subdistrict, Gorontalo City.

Where the perpetrator has been given the trust of the victim, to lend a unit of Daihatsu Xenia DB 1496 QS. To help the suspect meet his daily needs, it is to be a grab driver. With commitment, each day the perpetrator must deposit Rp.165 thousand to the victim.

“I was starting to get suspicious when the perpetrator was difficult to be contacted by cell phone, and when visited at his residence, the perpetrator was also not in place. Then I became suspicious of him,” said Sanny.

Because in recent days the perpetrators have been difficult to meet and to be contacted by the victim, the victim has taken legal action by reporting the perpetrator. Ipda Sucipto Amboy, the Detective Mobile (Resmob) team of the Gorontalo District Police Directorate General explained, after receiving the report immediately moved to conduct an investigation.

“We have obtained some information about the whereabouts of the perpetrator in his family’s home, in Molosifat Village, Sipatana District, Gorontalo City. After confirming the existence of the perpetrators, at 00:10 Wita, we immediately arrested the perpetrators,” said Ipda Sucipto.

“The perpetrator admitted that he had mortgaged the car without knowing his victim. Now we have secured the perpetrators in Gorontalo Police detention,” he added.