Yogyakarta – Online Driver Association of Jogjakarta (PPOJ) declared his rejection of Regulation of Governor (Pergub) DIY number 32 year 2017 about taxi online. They claim not to be invited to negotiate.

Dozens of PPOJ members came to the DIY parliament in Malioboro street, Yogyakarta, Monday (7/17/2017). Chairman of PPOJ, Muhtar Anshori, said the reason for refusing the Pergub is because they are not invited to negotiate in the formation process of Pergub.

“They only invite the bargaining company of application providers, the driver feels this gubernator is very burdensome,” said Muhtar Anshori, in DIY DPRD building.

The rules about online taxis in DIY arranged in Pergub are considered quite burdensome and inconvenient. Such as tax issues, KIR, stickers, and others.

Not only the Governor regulation they rejected but in general also the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation concerning the online transportation. They asked the DIY DPRD to facilitate to meet with the Governor.

“There are KIRs, stickers, taxes, that’s why it’s complicated, black plate tax with yellow plate is clearly different,” he said.

DIY Deputy Chairman Arif Noor Hartanto, who met with PPOJ representatives, said the DPRD will ask the Legal Bureau whether in the process of making the Pergub whether it has been well invited by stakeholders.

“Or they ignore it because PPOJ feels uninvited in the process of its formation,” said Arif Noor Hartanto, “PPPI can sue the formation of Pergub.
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