North Sumatra Transportation Agency (DISHUB) plans to increase the quota for the Special Rental Transport (ASK) and the Electronic Service Card (KEP). Because, now the ASK permit quota that has been set at 3,500 units is almost fulfilled.

“At present, the quota of 3,500 (ASK and KEP permits) has almost been fulfilled. “If the applicant or the person applying for the permit is now fulfilled, then at least two more weeks the quota will be used up,”said North Sumatra Transportation Agency Head Abdul Haris Lubis when interviewed at the Adimulia Hotel, Medan, Tuesday (10/29/2019)

Haris admitted, after the quota was fulfilled, his party would submit an additional quota.

“A new Governor Regulation is being prepared in relation to this (additional ASK and KEP permits). It means, there is a revision in the Governor’s Regulation to increase the quota, “said Haris.

He also admitted that his party was analyzing the actual number ASK and KEP permit requirements. Then, is it possible to extend the permit to districts / cities outside Medan, Binjai, Deliserdang, and Karo (Mebidangro). Therefore, the permit application for outside Mebidangro has entered.

“The quota of 3,500 permits originated from Medan the most. The exact number I do not remember, but the estimate reached around 70 percent,” said Haris.

Regarding the plan to increase the quota, Haris could not confirm it. He estimated at least around 10 thousand.

Indeed, we haven’t decided yet and are still in the process of studying. It could reach 10,000. Because this permit covers the area of ​​North Sumatra, not just Mebidangro, “he said.

Haris continued, from the plan of 10,000 permits, the most indeed expected in Mebidangro. In addition, there is also the Lake Toba region which includes several districts, namely Dairi, Samosi, Simalungun, Karo, North Tapanuli, and Humbahas.

“As we all know, Lake Toba is currently being developed by the central government to be a world-class tourism. “Of course it will have an impact on transportation needs (application-based or online),” he said.

He added, A new regulation decree related to the addition of the ASK permit quota will also be issued and enacted this year.

“We are trying to establish a new regulation, this year. Later, after being determined, immediately it will be applied, “No need to wait anymore,” he said.

It is known, every ASK car must have ASK and KEP permits when they are operational. This is as stipulated in Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub) No. 118 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of ASK.

In the Transportation Minister’s Regulation, ASK is a door-to-door transport service with drivers, has operating areas in urban areas, from and to airports, ports, or other transportation nodes and reservations using information technology-based applications, with the tariff rates listed in the application .

ASK permit is a permit granted to individuals or business entities that provide online transportation services. Meanwhile, KEP is a licensing document for vehicles used as online transportation.