Sukoharjo – Polres Sukoharjo arrested two people who were persecuting online taxi drivers. The incident had caused the victim, Sumarno, to be hospitalized for several days.

The culprit was a man from Serengan, Solo, Loreng Dwi Prasojo (30) and his friend, a woman from Berbah, Sleman, DIY, Zeni Liana Ningsih (25). Zeni works in the Sukoharjo area, while Loreng does not work.

In the investigation, Loreng claimed to have carried out his reckless actions for reasons of revenge. The two of them had a hit and run by a blue taxi without knowing other traits.

“On Sunday (3/2) at around 9:40 p.m., they ordered an online taxi in hopes of getting a taxi that grazed it. They ordered eight times to get a blue taxi,” Sukoharjo police chief AKBP Iwan Saktiadi said at a press conference on Monday (11 / 3/2019).

Departing from Dr. Oen Solo Baru Hospital, they headed to their destination, which is behind the Fave Hotel Solo Baru. In the quiet location, Loreng and Zeni performed the action.

Initially Loreng tried to snare Sumarno’s neck with a raffia. Then Zeni helped him by attacking the victim using a cutter knife and silencing him so as not to shout.

“The victim lay face down and honked the horn. The perpetrator panicked and immediately left the location,” he said.

Both of them disposed of evidence, namely raffia, knives, duct tape, a piece of cloth suspected of being a veil and clothes not far from the scene. They also decided to sleep in the bush that night until the next day.

“While the condition of the victim at that time was weak in the car. He then contacted fellow taxi drivers and was helped to the hospital,” he said.

The police continued to track the perpetrators through the cellphone numbers that Zeni used to order taxis online. Had been switched off, the number was finally reactivated until they could be seen.

“We arrested Z at his home in Sleman on February 27. Then on February 28 we arrested L in his brother’s house in Gumpang, Kartasura,” he said.

Iwan will still explore whether the motives conveyed by the suspect are really facts. Because there are still other possibilities, namely they persecute the victim to rob the car.

“We still follow the motives. They were charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code for carrying out the persecution together, causing the victim to be seriously injured,” he concluded.