Banyumas – Banyumas Regent Achmad Husain issued a circular prohibiting an online motorcycle taxi to operate in Purwokerto City, Banyumas, Central Java on July 14, 2017. The reason is to anticipate unwanted things between online motorcycle taxis and conventional truckers.

The ban is currently starting to be talked about among netizens.
Currently online petitions appear on the page. The petition titled Gojek Indonesia created by Paguyuban Gojek Satria which was uploaded about 16 hours ago. This petition is addressed to Banyumas Regent Achmad Husain.

In the petition Paguyuban Gojek Satria explained if kebaradan they are at least able to absorb jobs and provide comfort to customers.

The existence of our online motorcycle taxis especially Go-Jek Purwokerto in the city of Purwokerto at least able to absorb jobs. On the other hand, we also provide convenience and security to the customer.

Regarding the issue of comfort and safety, we meet the standardization of traffic regulations such as e-ID card, SIM C for active wheel, SIM A for wheel active 4, STNK obey tax, SKCK active and have no criminal law involvement.

Please let the bupati consider our presence as a go-jek driver in this city.

You need to know also that the Go-Jek service is not only delivering passengers to destinations, but there are other services like Go-Food, Go-Shop, Go-Mart, Go-Go, Go-Win, Go-Tix, Go-Box, Go-Massage, Go-Clean, Go-Glaim, Go-Auto, Go-Mad and Go-Busway.

We of the Go-Jek Satria community of PT Go-Jek Indonesia partners have briefly explained our existence. Great hope that the father of the regent can understand and consider to immediately issue operational permits PT Gojek Indonesia, especially in the City of Purwokerto. At the end of the sentence is written ‘Salam Satu Asphalt’.

Until Saturday (7/15/2017) at 14:00 pm, the petition has been signed 1,683 supporters.

Some of the supporters of the petition admitted that the existence of Gojek in Banyumas has been very helpful for their activities.

“I support full guidance to be in Purwokerto because of its efficient transportation and low prices according to the tariff,” wrote Novan Sarifudin.

“With Gojek it becomes easier to send goods, food orders, and travel, and the price is fixed so there is no need to bargain,” writes Agastia Akhmadzaky.