TRIBUN-BALI.COM – The presence of online taxis in the Bali area has helped drive the wheels of the local economy, especially in the tourism sector.

Ease of access to transportation has made it easier for tourists to reach places that are remote but exotic.

Rai Suryawijaya, Chair of PHRI Badung, said that in the industrial era 4.0, the ease of transportation facilities was increasingly becoming a necessity for the community.

“Including the visit of tourists to remote areas. As a result, making online transportation mode business more attractive “

According to Rai, it’s no wonder that local people are now quite enthusiastic to take part in this industry. This condition, he continued, will certainly ignite competition between online and offline taxis, so that proper regulations are needed so that both can run well and together support the improvement of the regional economy, especially tourism in Bali.

However, Rai judged, the draft regulation that implemented the online taxi zoning system could affect the absorption area of ​​tourists in prohibited places. Because of limited access to services and convenience which has been felt by tourists who have been accustomed to using online taxis.

One of BALI’s online taxi drivers who declined to be named, confirmed that not all those who have access to services to all corners of Bali. Some areas that are not allowed to be accessed include tourist spots that are thick with Balinese customs.

“In certain places only. In tourist attractions such as Ubud, Canggu, Nusa Dua, no. because there thick customs. If we break the rules there the driver will be penalized. If the punishment depends on the data, I can’t be sure, “explained the driver.

Rai confirmed that currently there is a zoning system in several areas in Bali, especially hotels that have worked closely with the local community transportation community.

Meanwhile, related to the operational restrictions on online taxis with license plates outside BALI, the online driver also confirmed this. “In Bali, all the online taxis prioritizing are using DK plates,” the driver added.

Regarding this restriction, Rai added, this is for the purpose of ease of supervision. “If about that I agree, so it will make easier to recognize the identity. “About the ID card, they might be from all over Indonesia, only the license plate is listed here,” concluded Rai

Identification is also part of the way to provide security for consumers. Moreover, according to Rai, Bali is an international island where many foreign tourists live, so it is important to guarantee the security and if necessary become a model for safety SOPs.