Jakarta – Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya asked the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Rasyid Baswedan to review the arrangement of Tanah Abang road for street vendors (PKL). In addition to traffic aspect, Anies was also asked to study the social aspects of the policy.

“Currently we support the policy of the governor, but our suggestion to review the policy,” said Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Halim Pagarra told AFP on Thursday (28/12/2017).

A week after the policy was implemented, traffic flow in the Tanah Abang area was congested. “Yes (it causes congestion), we are still trying to implement the government policy but it needs to be checked again, evaluation,” said Halim.

Closing access to Tanah Abang makes the traffic flow around the location experiencing congestion. “The vehicle from KS Tubun to Tanah Abang is supposed to be opened on the left lane to Tomang, it is closed, so it is all one in Tanah Abang,” said Halim.

Not to mention the problems of motorcycle taxis and motorcycle taxis that stop at the side of the road, adding to congestion. There is no special place for mockers, he said.

“I see the ojek online still scattered in there, including opang.” There is no place yet, they are still accommodated there, “he continued.

Not only that, the existence of street vendors in Tanah Abang road segment also has an impact on social jealousy.

“There should be complaints from traders in Block G as well,” said Halim.
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Source Mei Amelia R – detikNews