, Jakarta – Dozens of online taxi drivers arrested by Sub Directorate of Development and Law Enforcement Directorate of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya. The online transport was detained because of suspected problems with licensing.

Kasubdit Bin Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya Adjunct Senior Commissioner Budiyanto said, 11 online taxis were confiscated during a raid that was held on Saturday, July 30 yesterday. Raids conducted 60 joint personnel from Dishub DKI, Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya, and Organda.

“The curbing is done by a joint officer from Dishub, Ditlantas, and Organda,” he said.

Budiyanto explains, dozens of online taxes were confiscated from a number of points of the Capital City region when operating the Mall Kelapa Gading, MOI Kelapa Gading, Matraman, Cempaka Mas, and Mal Arion.

“All evidence (car) is currently secured in Pool Rawa Buaya, West Jakarta,” he beber.

Here are 11 online taxis netted by raids:

1. White Avanza B 1613
2. White Avanza B 1303 EON
3. Datsun B 2698 BFX
4. Black Avanza B 1333 KEJ
5. Black Avanza B 1399 SYA

6. Ayla white B 1446 PZQ
7. White Brio B 1045 KRY
8. White Terios B 1805 KZA
9. Avanza white B 1160 PYG
10. Xenia B 1781 NL
11. Avanza B 1674 PYN.