, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo proposed to form a special agency to handle various problems in the digital world. The government was asked not to remain silent to resolve the issue as happened between conventional taxi drivers and transportation services based on digital or online applications.

“The government needs to create a special unit that deepens this, digital implications will build social and political implications,” said Commissioner Balai Pustaka Hamid Basyaib in a discussion titled ‘Amuk Taksi, Ekonomi Kreatif and Digital Revolution’ in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (26 / 3/2016).

According to Hamid, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Transportation can manage from a technical point of view. However, specialized agencies are still required to oversee and review every issue of the digital world.

The problem faced by ordinary taxi drivers, according to Hamid, is the impact of the people’s inability to adapt to civilization and technological developments. Thus, solving the problem can not only by changing the regulation.

On the same occasion, a digital business player, Naufal Firman Yursak said, the digital world is very influential on the integrity of a country. According to him, the digital world can provide benefits, but on the other hand can be a threat to the unity of a country.

For example, added Word, the use of digital applications can increase business competition and increase people’s welfare. However, social media and the like can also be used to change the political situation.

Firman requested that the government contribute more in dealing with issues related to the digital world more wisely. According to him, preventing the development of the digital world is not a way out to solve the problem.

“This economic aspect of baseball can be arrested, conventional to digital.If for example this is diimpangi basic transportation needs, cheap services, the development of social media baseball can be dammed, it must be an adaptive reputation,” added the Word.

According to him, should adapt to the development of online applications. Therefore, the growth of smartphone users can not dammed.