, BANJARMASIN – Police arrested the perpetrator of an online taxi robbery, Nanang Arifin who took away a Toyota Ayla DA 8066 AZ owned by Dwi Kartoyugo. The police arrested Nanang Arifin at the Palm Asri Complex, Banjarbaru City, Saturday (12/1) at 17.45 WITA.

“Thank God Alhamdulilah, the joint team of the Banjar Regional Police Unit and the South Kalimantan Regional Police Unit managed to arrest the suspect, Nanang Arifin, an online taxi car robber,” said the Kapolsek police chief AKP Idit Aditya, Sunday (1/12).

According to Idit, the confession of the suspect has twice carried out an online taxi robbery. Before arresting Nanang Arifin, the police first arrested two other suspect colleagues: Nanang and Waldi. They both acted as stolen car receptacles.

“These two perpetrators were arrested by the South Kalimantan Regional Police Ranmor Unit on Jalan Puntik Rai 4, Barito Kuala District on Thursday (10/1), at around 04.30 WITA. “Here is the proof of the Toyota Ayla DA 8066 AZ,” said Idit. The car has not been able to be sold because waiting for the buyer.

Evidence and three suspects were secured at the South Kalimantan Regional Police Headquarters for further development and investigation. Where during this time the gang robbery suspect has long been a target of operations from the police.

“The suspect has long been the target of the operation, where the victims of the Dwi Kartiyugo robbery reported a case that happened to him after being robbed in Tajau Landung Village, Sungai Tabuk Sub-District, Sunday (30/12),” Idit said.

As is known, the online service taxi driver named Dwi Kartiyugo was robbed of his passenger in Tajau Landung Village, Sungai Tabuk District, Banjar Regency. Residents of the Miai Dalam River, Family Gang RT 10, Kelurahan Sungai Miai Banjarmasin, lost their cars after robbers strangled him from the back seat wearing a spanner.

The victim rebelled until he could get out of the car in Tanjau Landung Village, Sungai Tabuk District. After seeing the victim get out of the car, the suspect escaped Dwi Kartiyugo’s car. As a result of the incident the victims who suffered bruises and were helped by residents reported to Sungai Tabuk Sector Police, Banjar Regency