– Three perpetrators of theft with violence against online taxi driver Yulianto (52) were finally arrested. The three actors are Abdullah (33), Kamaludin (19) and Imamudin (24).

The three were secured in their hiding place in the Sukabumi area, not far from the place where the Toyota Avanza was discovered which was left behind by the perpetrator after being successfully controlled by the victim’s hand.

South Tangerang Police Chief, AKBP Ferdy Irawan explained, the three perpetrators were determined to steal because of economic needs.

The three were arrested after the South Tangerang Police and Cisauk Sub-District Police received reports from residents, who found an online taxi driver man at the Jalan Raya Puspiptek culvert on Wednesday (28/11) morning.

On the same day, later the presence of the white Avanza F 1327 RP was found in the Sukabumi area.

“From the evidence, then the investigation developed and succeeded in arresting the perpetrators of Imamudin. Then we secured two other suspects,” he said, Monday (3/12).

Ferdy revealed, the perpetrators when launching the crime act pretended to be ordering taxis online. They ordered with the destination Baranagsiang, Bogor towards Mall Bintaro Jaya Xchange, Tangerang Selatan.

When close to the destination point in Bintaro Xchange, the driver of the driver is then asked to stop at a place not a stop.

At that place, then the perpetrator persecuted the driver and injured him with a sharp weapon. “The three perpetrators were snared article 365 of the Criminal Code with the threat of a maximum sentence of 12 years,” he said.

From the confession of the perpetrators, the action was their first time. They carried out the reckless action to cover up the debt of the collector of Abdullah’s car.

“Because we need to pay debts for car mortgages. But we are hesitant, and we leave the car,” explained the perpetrator Abdullah.

From the perpetrators, the police confiscated a number of evidences in the form of an Avanza victim’s car, a knife, two mobile units, and a suspect’s clothes.