A taxi driver online was arrested by the police for caught carrying airsoft gun. The weapon was secured complete with 6 bullet buckets.

The man with the initials RAH netted in the operation cipta conditions that was held in Jalan Pajajaran City Bogor, Sunday 28 May 2017.

East Java Police Chief Kompol Wawan Wahyudin said, RAH netted a vehicle raid to minimize disruption Kamtibmas during Ramadan. After being examined, the police found the airsoft gun without any letters.

“The owner is directly secure for further examination,” said Wawan when confirmed on Sunday.

Temporary inspection results, RAH has had the airsoft gun since about 4 years ago. RAH claimed to buy the weapon from his friend in order to keep watch.

“Who is buying airsoft gun while still a student. Now he’s out of college, his job is a taxi driver online,” terang Wawan.

Currently the police are still investigating further and exploring whether there is any link between RAH and criminal cases.

“The perpetrators are still checked by the officers,” said Wawan.

According to Wawan, his side will continue to hold raids of vehicles and patrol together at several points of location in order to anticipate the brawl between citizens and motorcycle gangs.

“We will also secure the motor which is not equipped with letters,” said Wawan.