TANGERANG – Tangerang police officers arrested a gang of online taxi car robbers who pretended to be passengers. One of the seven perpetrators was shot dead by police for fighting officers.

The dead suspect was YK (29), while the other six had the initials SY (32), NPP (41), IS (45), NP (32), AN (30) and RR (53). Tangerang Kapolresta Comr. Pol Sabilul Alif said, the victim of the robbery was Teddy Rianto Liman (69) taxi driver online.

Robbery begins when the victim receives a passenger order from YK and SY on Saturday, March 24, 2018 night. Not suspicious, the victim picked up both of them at Jalan Rewards, Jelambar, Wijaya Kusuma.

But after entering the car, YK and SY canceled their orders. Then the two perpetrators asked to be transferred to Cilegon with a fee Rp.450,000. The victim finally escorted the perpetrators, YK sat next to the steering wheel and SY sat behind.

Upon arrival at Tangerang-Merak Toll Road Km 44/400, YK and SY asked the victim to stop the car. A moment later, SY pointed a knife to the victim’s neck. According to Sabilul, the victim had a chance to fight by holding a knife, to injure his thumb.

Seeing his victim fight, YK sitting next to the steering wheel threatened to kill him. He then tied the victim’s hands with duct tape. “YK also closed the victim’s eyes and stuffed the victim’s mouth with black duct tape. The victim was then transferred to the back seat and carried around and dumped with Km 87,” Sabilul told reporters Tuesday (3/4/2018).

Visible Criminal Investigation of Tangerang City Police Kompol Wiwin Setiawan added, after the report it immediately conducted an investigation, and succeeded in detecting the whereabouts of the perpetrators.
On March 30, 2018, officers arrested NPP in Gisting, Tanggamus, Lampung, which acted as the intermediary for the seller of the car resulting from the crime.

From the NPP statement, the officer finally developed and arrested other perpetrators who had the initials IS not far from where the NPP was arrested. “IS has the role of selling cars and dismantling GPS devices installed in cars. Not long after, the police again arrested other suspects, namely NP and AN,” he said.

Wiwin explained, NP had the role of giving Rp500,000 to order Grab. Whereas AN, together with NP delivered YK and SY to Jelambar, West Jakarta.

When they are about to be arrested, NP and AN can fight. The clerk finally took decisive action to paralyze the suspect in his leg. Do not stop there, the police carried out the development of the statements of other suspects. Ahead of dawn, another suspect named RR, was finally arrested at Tanggamus.

RR acted as a raider and bought it for Rp. 15 million. Wiwin continued, on April 1, 2018, the officers finally took YK and SY in Margo Mulyo, Ogan Jaya Village, Sungkai Utara District, North Lampung Regency.

When will be arrested, YK and SY fight and try to hurt the officer. “Because it was already dangerous, the officer finally shot YK and SY to cause YK to die, and SY suffered a gunshot wound in the leg,” he stressed.

From the hands of the suspects, the police managed to secure evidence of a unit of Suzuki B 2925 KT, two units of cellphone, and a vehicle registration vehicle belonging to the victim.


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