Police ask crew based taxi online applications to follow even odd rules applied. This appeal was issued in the midst of the crew’s plan to hold a demonstration.

The action is an online transport-based transport crew response that rejects government policies that impose KIR and the use of SIM A General for drivers.

Sub Directorate of Law Enforcement Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya, AKBP Budiyanto asked all his ranks to pay attention to the vehicles brought by online drivers who rallied.

“If you see a vehicle using an online application with an even number of police officers should be dealt with,” said Budiyanto through a written statement on Monday (19/09/2016).

Odd rules even require vehicles passing along Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat-Sudirman-Thamrin-Kuningan and Gatot Subroto follow today’s date. Today is the 19th of the year, which means vehicles that can cross only odd number plate.

“Today is September 19th, it means that vehicles passing through the location must be an odd number,” said Budiyanto.

Watchlist Liputan6.com, there is not a mass of online transport drivers who are in front of the Presidential Palace. In fact, according to their agenda held a rally at 09.00 pm.

Meanwhile, police officers at the scene looked as usual. There is 1 unit of Baracuda and 1 unit of Canon water car which is voiced in front of the palace.