Dear everyone the Initial Crowdsale has finish, Thank You so much for kind support, the result are shown on the “sales history” at the login area

The may not enough for global, but it is more than enough for Startup Company to start productive,
and since the project produce own income, we would never afraid in holding up.

We would like to ask more favor from the Community, to support by keep reminding us and stay together accompany the team doing the work,,

We will prove we could thrive, even with not over-budget funding and try hard to not letting our supporter disapointed


1. Please gave us time to proceed with the work, and consolidate
2. We will update the exchange market very soon
3. Please rest assure, Frasindo is legitimate business and have incorporation and permit, and all data is openly for public
we also proceeding with any lacking permit to support the mission.
Your contribution is safe.

4. FRAS = represent REAL ASSETS (Real Taxi Cars)
5. As soon as market launch, From the deepest heart we hope the community stay strong to stay with us by holding the FRAS (dont sell), but even if there is someone in need to dump, we do have buywall in secretive value (we are convident, only stupid whom dumping the token in which represent the real asset, no real life asset that cheap)

6. Growing needs time, and time will tease you.. Meanwhile please be active and try to enjoy the upcoming benefits we try to presents for FRAS supporter


7. We already have several project on working progress and running.
As FRAS holder, you have the stake in it too, and whole FRAS entitled 10% airdrop of future token represent that upcoming project.
Give us support in growing that projects, since its yours too..
(vv, xx, xx, xx, etc)

We have tried to speedup all above project progress, and still we cant speeding-it-up, so we will gave time to process.

Each of above projects may need its own permit, and no worry, as soon the car started to work, we would produce income (The car already on process “Indent”)



In this Initial Crowdsale, we manage to sell (Circulating Supply of Crowdsale) =
1,789,750.91362001 FRAS


In Circulation, those amount are not included =
(8% Team Token in which locked for 2years 8,000,000 FRAS)
(2+1% Bounty From Initial Crowdsale 53,692.5274086 FRAS)
(1,260,000 FRAS from initial supporter invested to proceed legality, office, initial cars 1,050,000 FRAS (7cars x 150,000FRAS) and +20% Bonus (210,000FRAS), tools, system etc, which hoarded by them) (some small amount of 10%Referral 6,660.564966 FRAS from the FRAS sales)

(Bug Bounty)



11,110,104.00599461  FRAS (per. 7th may 2018)

TOTAL SUPPLY  (FIXED & Deflatonary) =

100,000,000 FRAS

RESERVE for another crowdsale = 

88,889,895.99400539 FRAS



“Fixed Total” in circulation is “Deflatonary”
and Carefully Maintained 100,000,000 FRAS
1 in = 1 out

The Move between blockchain soon will be handled by 2website=
xx & User dashboard at it self



xx = Under progress