TRIBUNLAMPUNG.CO.ID, BANDAR LAMPUNG – With the mode of pretending to ask for an address, a young man seized a car owned by an online taxi driver.

As a result, a young man named Andi Surawan (25), a resident of Jalan Way Ratai, Wates Subdistrict, Way Ratai District, Pesawaran, was rewarded with a hot bullet by the Opsnal North Polsek police officer.

The victim was an online taxi driver named Suhendi (31), a resident of Jalan Martadinata, Gang Harnas, Kelurahan Kupang Kota, Kecamatan Telukbetung Utara, Bandar Lampung.

From the information obtained by, Andi initially pretended to ask the address to Suhendi who was driving a red Honda Brio with a BE 2865 YY license on Jalan Dr Warsito Gang Rajabasa Utama, Kupang Kota Village, Telukbetung Utara, Tuesday, January 15 2019.

However, the method used by Andi is not unusual, namely by banging on the windshield.

After the driver opened the car window, Andi immediately pointed a sharp weapon at the victim.

Victims who felt scared were running away from the car.

Mobil Honda Brio BE 2865 YY milik sopir taksi online yang dirampas di Jalan Dr Warsito Gang Rajabasa Utama, Kelurahan Kupang Kota, Telukbetung Utara.
The Honda Brio BE 2865 YY owned by an online taxi driver was seized on Jalan Dr Warsito Gang Rajabasa Utama, Kupang Kota Village, North Telukbetung.

After the victim left, the perpetrator immediately took the car away.

When confirmed, the TbU police chief Kompol Lumban Gaol justified the theft by asking the address mode.

“Yes, right. Incidentally the victim was parking his car on the edge of the alley to go to his mother’s house,” said Lumban, Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Lumban continued, the victim did a report and was immediately followed up.

“Members immediately went to the crime scene and conducted an investigation,” he explained.

Unexpectedly, said Lumban, a Honda Revo motorcycle bearing the BE 8222 RK owned by the perpetrator was left at the scene.

“We immediately conducted an investigation and checked the motorbike data left by the perpetrators. From there we found their identity,” said Lumban.

The next day, Wednesday, January 16, 2019, members of the Opsnal Police Unit in TBU managed to find the whereabouts of the perpetrators.

“Officers immediately made arrests. However, because the perpetrators resisted and were dangerous, officers were forced to take decisive and measurable actions,” he said.

Because he suffered gunshot wounds to his right leg, the perpetrator was immediately rushed to Bhayangkara Hospital to get treatment.

“The perpetrator gets treatment at the hospital, and is currently in the police station for questioning,” he said.